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Cabrera Earns Nod From Former Guv

 Michael Hinman, May 15, 2021

'“Abigail Martin is a fresh, independent voice who will represent the district without ties to the Democratic machine or the politics of the past,” Koppell said, in a release. “Abigail is a natural leader who has the knowledge, independence and broad support needed to win.”'




Update: New York State Senate Passes Bill to Shut Down the Puppy Mill Pipeline

 Síle Moloney, May 10, 2021

Of the endorsement, Martin said, “We have a moral duty to care for all living creatures and treat them with dignity. When I am on the City Council, I will fight to ensure animals receive respectful treatment at the hands of humans and are protected under the law.”'




District 11 City Council Race: Abigail Martin Endorsed by Women’s Group Led by Jessica Haller

 Síle Moloney, May 6, 2021

The campaign for Abigail Martin, candidate in the District 11 City Council primary election, announced on Thursday, May 6, that Martin received the backing of “21 in ‘21” and “Voters for Animal Rights” (VFAR) in the the upcoming Democratic primary election on June 22.'




West Bronx Council Race: Will Higher Turnout Drown Out a Famous Name?

Jarrett Murphy, May 3, 2021

What’s in a name? The 11th District City Council primary is likely to find out.'




Watch: Abigail Martin, Candidate for NYC Council District 11 (Bronx)

Skye Ostreicher, Apr. 25, 2021

Abigail Martin is running for NYC Council District 11 in the Bronx, a seat formerly held by Andrew Cohen, who was nominated to be a Judge...PoliticsNY asked Martin three questions in three minutes as part of our meet the candidate series on the road to the June 22 citywide primaries.'


Watch the interview here... 


Don’t Fix the MTA’s Budget Problems Off the Backs of Those Who Can Least Afford It

Abigail Martin, Mar. 10, 2021

With hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers still out of work, and with economic insecurity at its highest levels in recent memory, now is not the time to ask those who depend on public transportation to pay more.'


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January 2021 Interview with Nantasha Williams on CivicList

January 2021

Watch the full interview here


December 2020 Interview on

The Gilded Cast

December 2020


More Covid Special Elections are Coming; Let’s Make Them as Safe as Possible

Abigail Martin, Dec. 23, 2020

‘In light of what the City faces, we need to make sure to prioritize public health and our fight against this virus, while guaranteeing that all New Yorkers have full representation on the City Council as soon as is safely possible.'



Opinion: NYers Want Ranked Choice Voting—Don’t Delay Its Implementation

Abigail Martin, Dec. 1, 2020

‘A number of political insiders are now calling on the City Council to cancel RCV for next year’s elections. Not only would these efforts reject the will of voters, they would also undermine the work of numerous political outsiders who are already running.’



Chase Bank Says It’s Closing, Community Fights Back

Kirstyn Brendlen, Oct. 25, 2020

Another city council candidate, Abigail Martin, said she reached out to Demetris Giannoulias, chief executive of Bronx-based Spring Bank, asking if he would consider opening a branch in Chase’s place. Giannoulias, she said, agreed to explore the possibility.



Election 2021: Abigail Martin on Housing, Schools & A Living Wage

Síle Moloney, Oct. 22, 2020

An educator and social worker, Abigail Martin, candidate for City Council in the 11th District points to equality in education as being key to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. As a student advisor and adjunct professor at Columbia University’s school of social work, she helps train the City’s next generation of social workers.



School Nurses ‘Essential’ Now More Than Ever Before

Kirstyn Brendlen, Sep. 6, 2020

Abigail Martin finds the lack of detail surrounding school nurses policy and school reopening plans in general worrying. The city council candidate and former social worker feels the city had ample time to prepare its public schools for reopening, yet not much has been done. Martin’s also not reassured by the chancellor’s plans to play school reopening by ear either.



Inspired by Pandemic Struggles, Martin Runs

Kirstyn Brendlen, Aug. 16, 2020

“In 2019, unemployment in the Bronx was 5.4 percent,” Martin said. “And in six months, it has jumped to 20 percent. And I think people are scared about losing their homes. They’re scared about losing their jobs. Food insecurity is up, people in general just don’t know what the future is going to look like.”


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