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Our Plan for Constituent Services

As your City Council member, I will be a fierce advocate for each and every resident of District 11. Providing exceptional constituent services is an extension of the work I have done my whole career as a social worker. I have experience tackling many of the diverse issues and challenges folks face in our district, and I know how to get real results for people from City and State agencies.


More people throughout our district need to know that their Council Member’s office is there for them, fighting on their behalf. I don’t believe in sitting back and waiting for people to come to me. As your Council member, I will do constant outreach to every corner of our district. I will have constituent services staff who speak our residents’ languages. I will seek out and listen to diverse voices, and stay deeply engaged in the issues impacting our neighborhoods. And I will bring transparency to the decision making and problem solving process, so that people understand what has been done to help and why decisions were made.


I will also want everyone in our district to know about, and get involved in, the participatory budgeting process. Participatory budgeting is one of the most direct ways we can have a real say in how our tax dollars are spent, right in our communities. Residents get to decide how a portion of capital discretionary funds are spent. This can mean a new playground for one of our parks, technology upgrades for a school, or improvements to one of our senior centers. 

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